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jm bullion on sale pageThis week JM Bullion is offering the all new 2015 1.25 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coins at $2.25/oz over spot price. This is currently lower than other government issued coins like the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. Like the Silver Maple Leaf the 1.25 oz Silver Bison has a 38mm diameter with a 25% greater thickness of 4.1125mm. These coins feature the RCM’s new anti-counterfeit radial lines and are .9999 pure. This is the first 1 1/4 oz silver bullion coin to be made by the Royal Canadian Mint and was released on 11/17/14.

100oz Silver Bars as Low as 89¢/oz Over Spot

This week JM Bullion is offering a variety of their 100oz .999 silver bullion bars for as low as 89¢/oz over spot price. These bars include the 100oz NTR Metals silver bar, 100oz RCM silver bar, 100oz Sunshine silver bar, 100oz OPM silver bar and the 100oz Johnson Matthey silver bar. Be sure to take advantage now as this deal is only going on while their supplies last.


Silver Eagles – Some of the Lowest Premiums Online

The American Silver Eagle coins have been being produced on a yearly basis since 1986. Since then not much has changed in terms of design. The 2014 version of the coin has the same design as the past 25+ years of mintage. Though not much has changed with the design, it is still one of the most desirable pieces in the bullion coin marketplace.

$2.69 Silver Eagles

American Silver Eagle Sales

2013 was a record year for Silver Eagle sales as spot prices fell drastically for Silver. This increased physical demand and with the Silver Eagle being one of the most popular coins in the world, a high volume of sales followed. Before the new year even started, many online dealers, including JM Bullion, had put the new 2014 coins on pre-sale, selling hundreds of thousands of coins before production has even started.

2014 American Silver Eagle Discount Pricing at

JM Bullion currently has some of the lowest prices on the internet for the 2014 American Silver Eagle bullion coin which starts at $3.69 over spot per coin for quantities of 1-19 going down to $2.69 over spot for their 500+ quantity discount.


New Arrivals at JM Bullion


You can also find some deals if you check out JM Bullion’s new arrivals list. They usually add new products a few times a week so be sure to check it out. Currently, they have silver bullets in a few sizes as well as fractional size Chinese Gold Pandas, several America The Beautiful Coins, and the 2014 American Platinum Eagle.


10 oz S.S. Gairsoppa Shipwreck Silver Bar

The S.S. Gairsoppa 10 oz Silver Bars (Type II) are available in JM Bullion’s inventory of silver bars. These unique pieces are composed of actual silver recovered off the coast of Ireland from the S.S. Gairsoppa shipwreck. The S.S. Gairsoppa was launched in the early 1900’s to serve as a merchant cargo ship to be used to transport goods from India to England. When World War II broke out, the British called the ship into duty to help out with the war effort.

Towards the beginning of the war the S.S. Gairsoppa was loaded full of pig iron and an astonishing amount of silver bullion ingots; over 7,000,000 ounces of the metal. It was set to deliver the goods to the British Royal Mint but the ship never made it home. Off the coast of Galway, the ship encountered a German U-Boat and was hit with a torpedo.

The ship, along with its precious cargo of silver ingots sat at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean for nearly 70 years until the British government decided to team up with a Florida based marine exploration company to recover the silver. Once the silver was successfully recovered, it was then sent off to the Sunshine Mint to be made into these 10 oz silver bars to commemorate the sunken ship.


Canadian Silver Peregrine Falcon Coins

JM Bullion is offering the limited edition 2014 Peregrine Silver Falcon coin from the Royal Canadian Mint’s “Birds of Prey” series. On their website;, they have these coins priced pretty competitively to other world coins and they were actually around the same price as the regular Canadian silver maple leaf at the time of this update.

This coin commemorates one of Canada’s national birds, the peregrine falcon. This species of the falcon family was close to local extinction in Canada as well as some northern states of the US for most of the 20th century. Over the past decade these beautiful birds have started to stage a comeback and are increasing in numbers.

Copper Rounds As Low As $.99 Per Oz

JM Bullion is now carrying copper bullion rounds minted by NTR Metals and other private mints which feature several designs. Each round is struck in .999 pure copper and contains one avoirdupois ounce of the base metal. These rounds start at around $1.50 per when buying smaller quantities with a credit/debit card and can 1oz Copper Bullion Roundsbe bought for as low as $.99 each when buying larger quantities.


About JM Bullion

JM Bullion is an online dealer of Physical Gold, Silver and Platinum bullion coins, rounds and bars that they deliver directly to your doorstep fully insured. They have been around since September of 2011 and have had tens of thousands of satisfied customers during this time.

Why is JM Bullion A Trusted Source For Precious Metals?

JM Bullion is currently Better Business Bureau accredited and have had no major complaints during their time in business. All complaints that have been filed against JM Bullion have mostly been due to shipping times back when the price dropped off in April of 2013 and they have had no major complaints since. To view JM Bullion BBB reviews check out our JM Bullion Review.

Every Day Low Prices and Free Shipping

JM Bullion prides themselves in offering the lowest prices on the internet for all of the gold and silver bullion they sell as well as having top notch customer service. Currently, JM also offers completely free shipping and handling on all orders which makes them one of your best bets when purchasing Gold and Silver bullion online.

JM Shipping Times & Products currently offers a 5 day ship time on average and have over 100 products in stock and ready to ship. JM currently has the best prices over spot for 2013 American Silver eagles, 10 oz Silver bars, 1 oz Gold bars and also just listed 2014 Silver Eagles as well as Canadian Silver Maple Leaf’s.

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