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  • Location : Dallas, TX
  • Business Established : September 2011
  • BBB Accredited : Yes
  • BBB Rating : A+
  • Metals Offered : Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper
  • Brands Offered : PAMP Suisse, Credit Suisse, NTR Metals, Sunshine Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, United States Mint, Perth Mint, OPM, Johnson Matthey, Engelhard, Austrian Mint, Geiger Edelmetalle + more.
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JM Bullion Dealer Review

JM Bullion is a fairly new company in the precious metals industry that has been around since September of 2011 and are located in Dallas, TX. JM Bullion carries a large selection of popular gold, silver and platinum coins, rounds and bars that are available at some of the lowest prices online. Aside from bullion, they also offer a wide selection of certified coins and collectibles including modern commemoratives, pre-1933 gold and copper bullion. They have one of the most user friendly websites with a simple navigation menu and secure checkout process.

JM Bullion Customer Service

JM Bullion has a customer service staff which is available online via their Live Chat feature or toll free at 1-800-276-6508 Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM EST. Their customer service staff doesn’t work off of commission which means they can answer questions or help you out in a low pressure environment which we’ve found to be a big plus. They are also reachable through email at

JM Bullion Pricing

JM Bullion currently has some of the lowest prices over spot that we have found for physical gold and silver bullion as well as some of the cheapest shipping rates in the industry (free shipping on all orders). The spot prices displayed on JM Bullion’s website change by the second and are updated during trading hours, making them extremely accurate. Once you have picked the coins or bars you want to purchase and are in the checkout process, your price is locked in for 10 minutes (this finalizes once you put the order through).

Products On Sale at JMBullion

JM Bullion’s IRA Program and Secure Storage

JM Bullion offers a Gold IRA program through New Direction IRA which can be set up fairly easily. Once the account is set up, you can purchase metals through JM Bullion and have them shipped to an IRA eligible depository of your choice. JM stocks a wide variety of IRA eligible gold, silver and platinum bullion which can be shipped to an IRA eligible depository of your choice once the IRA account is set up and funded. They also offer IRA specific product pages so you can see all of the bullion that is eligible easily.

Aside from IRA accounts, JM Bullion offers a secure storage program as well which is run through TDS Vaults. This program enables customers to store their metals in any TDS approved depository in the United States, Europe and other parts of the world. TDS has approved vaults in the United States as well as in other countries such as Canada, Switzerland and Singapore.

JM Bullion’s Shipping and Insurance Rates

All of JM Bullion’s packages are fully insured while on their way to you and ship for free with no additional charges. Orders are shipped either by USPS or UPS with a number of upgraded service options to choose from including overnight, 2 & 3 day select and more (tracking included). They provide updates via email at every stage of the ordering process from when your payment is received to when your package is shipped making it easy to keep track of your order.

Once your order has shipped, you can also track the package directly from your account page. This can be great for seeing when your order is scheduled to be delivered by USPS or UPS. We have found JM Bullion’s offer of free shipping on all orders to be a great perk when buying gold or silver bullion online.

Payment Methods Accepted by JMBullion

When buying gold or silver from you have the option to pay by check, bank-wire transfer, credit card or PayPal. Below we will explain the requirements and restrictions for each method of payment.

  1. Paper Check – When paying by paper check there is no minimum order requirement. Also keep in mind that this includes cashier’s checks and money orders as well as personal checks. For a paper check payment there is a maximum of $10,000 for first time customers.
  2. Bank-Wire Transfer – When paying by bank wire your order must be at least $2,500. When choosing this method, you will receive a 4% discount over the credit card price. For first time customers there is a maximum order size of $100,000.
  3. Credit Card – When paying for your order using a credit card keep in mind that you will be charged a 4% processing fee. There is also a lower maximum order of $5,000. (Debit or American Express Gift Cards count as a Credit Card payment)
  4. PayPal – When paying by PayPal there is a $10,000 maximum order size with the standard minimum of $100. JM Bullion states that all orders paid for using PayPal must be shipped to the verified PayPal shipping address because of a higher risk of fraud associated with this method. Like credit card orders, PayPal orders are also subject to a 4% processing charge.

What Does JM Bullion Stand For?

A common misconception is that JM Bullion stands for Johnson Matthey Bullion or that is associated with the Johnson Matthey brand; a longlasting precious metal producer. This is not true, in fact it is a combination of both JM founders first initials. There is actually no association between Johnson Matthey and the online retailer; JM Bullion, though they do carry some of Johnson Matthey’s gold and silver bars. Complaints and Scams

Is JM Bullion a Scam?

To the best of our knowledge we believe JM Bullion is not a scam. They seem to be a reputable online precious metal retailer with a focus on providing quality products at industry leading prices. Since JM’s conception in September of 2011 they have had over 150,000 completed orders and tens of thousands of satisfied customers which is enough in our minds to assume that they are legit. Most of the complaints we found that were filed against them with the BBB and other review sites have been resolved. currently offers some of the lowest prices over spot on all of the most popular gold and silver bullion products such as; American Gold and Silver Eagles, Canadian Gold and Silver Maple Leafs, PAMP Suisse Products, Perth Mint bars and coins, Engelhard and Johnson Matthey bars along with other brands. Through our research, many of the past scams associated with precious metal dealers involved the dealer up-selling its customers on more expensive coins. Because this company has a “low-price” business model, we don’t believe they are a scam.

JM Bullion BBB Review

JM Bullion BBB Complaints

JM Bullion has had 72 Complaints with the BBB over the past three years which averages out to about 24 per year. A majority of these complaints fall under the “problems with products/services” category. According to the BBB, JM Bullion has made a good faith effort to resolve each issue. Currently the company’s BBB profile shows that they have an A+ rating. At the time of our review there were no known government actions filed against the company and they appeared to use legitimate marketing techniques.

It is important to note that JM Bullion is a high volume dealer and ships out over 30,000 orders a month which is why it receives an A+ rating from the BBB despite higher than other dealers complaint #’s.

JM Bullion Customer Reviews & Complaints

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JM Bullion Reviews JM Bullion is an online dealer in precious metals, supplying investors with physical Gold, Silver and Platinum bullion which is delivered directly to their doorstep. SKU 001 UPC Model

Jul 06, 2015 by Robert Rehermann

This is a great company. I have not had one issue with their service in over 30 or so orders I have made since March of 2014. I have been buying a little gold and silver about twice a month and especially like their weekly specials. They just get the job done in every possible way to satisfy the customer. The product selection gives many choices especially in silver bars, coins and rounds. The prices are the best I have found online and the delivery is free with $100 minimum order. Using a credit card costs 4% more yet gives a delivery date of 2 or 3 days. I cannot say enough about how satisfied I have been with JM Bullion; and this is not a paid endorsement just an opinion I want to share with anyone interested in buying precious metals.

Very satisfied customer!

Jul 04, 2015 by Harold Eigenman

There is not enough room on this site to tell how pleased I am with JM Bullion. Some folks wonder what JM stands for, I believe it is "Just Marvelous" because my every order from them has been just that! I like the way they keep you in touch with what is going on with your order. On occasions when I email them, their response is very timely to say the least. I've ordered nine different times from them, yes,it takes a while to have my check checked out, but how long would they be in business if they shipped products and the checks were no good?? Speaking of shipping, it is great, as is the packing and no charge for any of this stuff! The package contents are always right on and beautiful beyond words. They (JM) are moving to Las Vegas this week and how their operation could improve is beyond me. The Gals that work there are always a joy to hear from, they treat me like I am somebody? Personally, I praise the Lord for this Company, may they have a very long life!

Great Dealer

Jul 03, 2015 by Glen Nesbitt

I have placed several orders for gold and silver bullion at JM Bullion. Always first rate service, price and products. A great on line bullion dealer. Satisfied every time.

Best place to buy silver bullion and coins I have found

Jul 02, 2015 by J. Kurz

I have been buying silver bullion since 1985, when I was just a teenager. I have always wanted a place that would provide good products at a fair price but often could not find a good dealer. Now that I have found JM Bullion several months ago, I have placed 5 orders and received them all in good time and could not be more pleased with the service and product.

I have compared prices all along while buying from JM Bullion. Their prices are ALWAYS the BEST and they offer the free shipping as well. Large or small orders get the same attention to detail. They pack each order so well and send in a nondescript package so no one knows what's inside your box.

I have gotten the best deals on silver coins and bullion from JM Bullion over the past few months and shipping is always a decent time frame. The whole process takes about 2 weeks from the time you order until you have your product in your hands. I have had to wait 3-4 weeks with other bullion dealers.

I'm quite pleased with the customer service at JMB. I wrote recently to check on an order and got a response within the hour telling me where my order was in the process. The customer service rep was very kind and considerate and helped me out right away.

Highly Recommended!

Jun 24, 2015 by Bill

I have placed three orders with JM Bullion. All have been very smooth on their end. I did have an issue with the USPS priority mail getting my first order's payment to them. That is no longer a problem with the echeck option. I found their customer service to be highly professional. Their prices are hard to beat and shipping is included in the price! I will be coming back for more in the future!

Great Service and Product

Jun 20, 2015 by Jason

I'm on my 4th order, as always very fast shipping. I did get on competitor sites and shopped around, ultimately came back to JM. Their prices on specific brands of silver are very competitive. Not to mention some competitve sites have a much higher minumim required purchase. On a budget I'm sure many people like me can't afford to spend thousands on an order.


Jun 20, 2015 by Deb Townsend

We've received 6 orders from JM so far and all have been perfect! Fast shipping, beautiful coins and bars! We buy mostly silver, but just tried the 1 gram Sunshine gold bars because they were on sale. They're beautiful and affordable and who doesn't love a gold sale! For a newbie, JM has been a wonderful start to building our stash. Just placed order #7! Thanks JM!

New Bullion Buyer

Jun 19, 2015 by Joe

I was asked by Kathy at JM Bullion, by email, to write a review. I have read all the reviews below, the good reviews and the horror stories.

I am also a small order buyer. I am currently waiting on my third order from JM Bullion. I have found, to date, I am completely satisfied with all aspects of my buyer/ seller relationship with JM Bullion, Inc.

My orders have been without problem. I pay with a check and I have my orders in the time that I expect. I have received emails from JM Bullion when they receive my check, and another email when the order ships, 5 working days later, and I track the order across the country to my door.

The products I have received have been outstanding!

I really enjoy the website! Its simple to use, with no chaff or other advertising. The Buyers Guide on the website has provided me, the new buyer, with the information I have needed to make good purchasing decisions. I enjoy placing numbers of different items in the shopping cart to compare and contrast the prices.

I have been to other bullion sites and I have found JM bullion prices to be the best on the items I want to purchase.

JM Bullion has and outstanding selection of products, the best I have seen.

I understand how complex a sales, finance and shipping system like theirs can be. For me, everything has worked to my satisfaction. JMB keep those high standards you have shown me! Thank You!

Dead Solid Perfect!

Jun 18, 2015 by Jon

I'm a small order buyer. I've placed nine orders at just over $100 each. Every order has been picture perfect. At first I mailed paper checks to get the best price point. I waited and watched. They notified me that the check had arrived and the standard waiting period had begun. Then they notified me when the items had shipped. When the items arrived I was VERY pleased. Always perfect and well protected. Always exactly what I asked for and exactly as I hoped.

Now that I've been ordering from them for a while, I have an E-check option so no longer have to mail paper checks and every order is still perfect.

They have consistently had the best prices I can find, and I really shop around for the bargains. I have found one other site that has it's own proprietary silver round for a better per ounce price but I usually prefer government minted silver so JM Bullion still has the best prices for me.

It usually takes about 10 days from order to arrival. I wish it was a bit sooner but understand and have grown accustomed to it. In a way, it slows down my ordering and lets me anticipate it a bit more. If it was faster delivery I might be likely to order more often so I'd have another shipment to anticipate. LOL.

Overall, my relationship with JM Bullion has been wonderful and I anticipate it continuing far into the future. I HIGHLY recommend them for your metals purchases.

Jun 18, 2015 by Kevin

I've been buying from jmb for while now. I've been getting flawless coins from them. Been getting my orders quick and sealed tight. I will be buying all my coins from them years to come. Just bought a 5 oz America the beautiful coin from them. The coin is awesome and flawless. Thanks again jmb. Outstanding work.

A PLEASURE doing business with!

Jun 17, 2015 by Casimir Rygiel

JM Bullion was the first company I bought bullion from and I return to them time and time again! They ship faster than any other company, including time for a paper check to clear.

I've purchased a variety of bullion products, and all have arrived packaged well and in the condition advertised! I love checking their website every Monday to see what products are on sale that week. I love the wide variety of products they have on sale as well!

Anytime I've emailed them or made a phone call, my questions were answered and any issues resolved IMMEDIATELY. It is very clear customer service is a huge priority at JM Bullion.

JM Bullion is my go to bullion store online. I've tried all the others, but purchase exclusively from JM Bullion after I've seen them execute EVERY SINGLE ONE of my orders flawlessly! Without a doubt, the best!


Apr 22, 2015 by met

i decided to make a healthy purchase from bullion ******,after the half dozen or so decent purchases. All of a sudden they are back ordered but my check has long cleared and i have no product. i receiveD an email that its on back order, then i visit their site and there is now a banner stating \"back order status\" about a month later i did get my order but i was turned off at that point. then i found JM bullion.

Jm Bullion was good, for a time, and then after more than a dozen purchases over 2 years totaling into low 5 digits i am waiting almost 3 weeks for a couple thousand dollar order. SO i email them asking why my check has been cleared over 10 days now, with no email conformation that the order is prepared and ready for shipment. i actually get a phone-call, unfortunately i missed it but when i began to listen to the message and hear it was a JM rep i was like, cool, now THATS customer service. however he went on to give me attitude that my order shipped in a reasonable amount of time and that the minimum is 10 days for a check to clear. well anyone reading this knows it doesn\'t take 10 days for a check to clear, but thats fine, thats your protocol. (try and put a stop payment on the check you are looking at in your account online tho, yeah right!) however after multiple purchases and now my low 4 digit check, and IMO an excessive wait time along with attitude from the rep i was like next. thats when i found SD bullion. look over there if you care.

i did get my order, it all ended fine but i don\'t pay $1000\'s of hard earned money for attitude, not to mention they are over price compared to SD and some others. you are paying other ways for thier free shipping.

Order finally complete

Apr 16, 2015 by Melanie Parker

I ordered 100 Silver Buffalo Rounds from JMB on March 12, 2015. I sent a check. On April 1, I received a package with only 80 silver rounds. I contacted them immediately and was told that they had to review videos of the packers, and that I could place a claim. I went back and forth with them on the phone and email for 2 weeks. Today, April 16, the missing silver coins arrived. I will likely try giving them the benefit of the doubt and use JMB one more time.

Mar 05, 2015 by Steve

Easy straight forward ordering, products shipped within said timetable. Good service

Great company

Mar 03, 2015 by Dan

I have done business with JM for just about a year (approx 1 order per month)and have had a great experience with them. Many of the negative reviews revolve around the shipping time. I use paper checks and they do take some time, but if I was in a major rush to get my bullion I would go to a brick and mortar store. They have always delivered in the the time they say they will. As far as the product and price, you will be hard pressed to find any dealer who can compete with JM on those two areas. Hats off to JM for making it easy for relatively small investors to be able to get the most for their money.

Feb 13, 2015 by alex

Ive had 3 transactions with this company and all 3 times communication and correspondence was above par..Every movement your product makes from payment clearing , picking and packing, shipment and tracking is sent to you in detail so you are not wondering whats going on....I find the bad reviews bogus and probably left by trolls or other companies trying to ruin this Company's reputation as a Class AAA+++ act. shipments were sent ups priority mail and arrive in a timely manner ... from the time the order was punched in until I received it was 5 days ...Superior products and Service beyond reproach...


Feb 06, 2015 by Timothy Stone

I placed 3 orders with JMB. Shipping department is fast and competent. The MAJOR problem with this company is "customer support". Customer support is giving them way too much credit. After having issues with my order I called JMBs customer support. All I got out of them are fabrications, lies and insults. The company as a whole are good until you have to talk to these people in support. I swear these are the rejects from the support department of your cable company. They frustrate you hoping you will just go away. If you don't mind being abused over the phone, by all means order from this company. After my last experience I will never do business with JMB again and I want others to know about the issues ahead of time. May the force be with you.

Good prices and delivery

Jan 11, 2015 by B P

I have been doing business with JM Bullion for three months now. Just placed my eighth (8) order. I have had no issues with the company, good prices, good products, good delivery. Wii very likely be making more purchases from them in the future.


Dec 24, 2014 by BillR

Site is easy to navigate. All orders have been processed quickly and correctly. Free shipping has allowed me to purchase small amounts without getting killed on handling charges. Have called once and was not pressured to buy anything. Love this company and have recommnded to friends and family.

slow delivery, but great prices

Nov 25, 2014 by Tom

Ok, so pros first.. their prices are among the best.. not sure how they can do it and still make a profit. I have always gotten my order. Their selection is great if you like to have different types of metals (bullion/bars/rounds)

Cons: Their delivery is pretty slow. Part of the reason is that they will make you wait till your check clears, even if you have been a repeat customer and even if the order is very small. I understand that check fraud is the easiest way to scam, but they make you pay a higher price for CC order or wait longer for check to clear. In this day and age of electronic check clearing, very few businesses make you wait this long for approval, and since you have to give a CC for backup anyways.. there really is no reason for this. I would recommend that they consider that after $1000 in purchases you get fast tracked.. but hey.. what do I know.

In any event, even with their slow shipping, they are my favorite precious metals dealer, and I will shop here again and again.

Nov 01, 2014 by Dean Waterbury

I've placed five orders now from JM since August 2014... Initially, I was a bit miffed regarding shipping when paying by check (and I let them know), but I'm over that. You just can't find better bullion prices antwhere online, especially when you consider FREE shipping. I only wish they would offer a function to track your holdings, like on the A***X website.

Oct 18, 2014 by Tom Gehl

I have ordered over ten tubes of silver eagles and many single silver eagles for my grandsons coin albums all have been great except one of my last orders the 1991 silver eagle coin was in terrible shape and the 1995 was so so. People have told me do not try to clean the eagles it could ruin them. I not sure if I will continue to do business with JM.

Satisfied Customer

Oct 14, 2014 by Andrew O'Connell

I have ordered from at least two other companies and JM has the most convenient process and reasonable prices by far. I love the free shipping!

JM Bullion

Oct 05, 2014 by Jack L.

I have bought from JM Bullion numerous times and have never had an issue with them. The products have all shipped very quickly. I will continue to buy from them.


Oct 02, 2014 by JEFF S

I ordered 500 ounces of silver in 10 ounce bars. Everything arrived in great condition. No problems. I will buy from them again. I felt it was safe and secure.

Very satisfied with purchase

Sep 07, 2014 by Alexandra George

I found their customer service very useful and the website veryeasy to navigate. I paid by credit card and the gold American Eagle arrived in record time. i will definitely continue to shop here. Very attractive is free insured shipping and Customer Service. also they have good product range.

Aug 21, 2014 by Mark Crowl

I have purchase both gold and silver coins from JM Bullion twice now. Their website is extremely easy to navigate and order from, and their communication kept me well informed during the whole process. Their shipping was fast and the packaging was very secure and well protected.

I will continue to purchase coins from them in the future.

No Problems

Jul 25, 2014 by Tom

I've purchased silver bars and rounds from JM Bullion many times and had no problems whatsoever. Their service is speedy and I've always received my purchases packaged with great care.

Best all around

Jul 22, 2014 by John from Florida

Best prices always when you include the free shipping and no need for the large minimum purchase.
I pay with a charge card and I receive my orders in about four days from placing them.
Merchandise has always been well packed, complete and the items flawless as advertised.
I have made twelve purchases of assorted silver from J.M.Bullion at this time.

Fully satisfied

Jun 27, 2014 by Richard H.

I have ordered bullion products from JM Bullion for over a year and have received exactly what I ordered every time and within the proscribed and reasonable time. Hats off to J and M for staying the course and helping us by-pass the dollar.

Jun 27, 2014 by Sidney Johnson,

I just started buying precious metals back in 2013 you're the only company I've ever dealt with you're great no problem what so ever.

Gold standard in burying

Jun 24, 2014 by Dave

Place about twenty (20) orders on line and had no problems. Price was the lowest and the delivery on time. Will not deal with any other company.

Jun 13, 2014 by Denis Rioux

I am taking time to write this review to let people know of my experience,(something I have never done). I ordered 1000.00 dollars face value of 90% junk silver from JM bullion.I was under the impression that it would come from Pennsylvania as their web site say\'s they are out of.Since I live on east coast thought turn around would be quicker than other sites on west coast.Problem is they ship out of California.Three weeks later after I sent check they shipped out my coins,took another week to see my coins.Upon opening box which was coming apart at corners, to my surprise they shipped 40% silver instead of the 90% I purchase,( about $10,000.00 difference in price). Called they immediately,they said they would have to check into it and was told it could take a week for them to review tapes of packing dept.WOW!! They told me this happens \"quite frequently\". At this point I\'m thinking I\'m dealing with a very poorly run company.Maybe even fraudulent,I called them daily, no answer to problem,finely they find out that I was right. A few more days go by, get sent a 2 day ups label by email to send back 40% silver.tell them I don\'t feel comfortable shipping back and ask them to refund difference in price between 40% and 90% they said can\'t do that. they also couldn\'t refund my money. O.k. not at all happy and I let them know and told them It won\'t look good for them on the review, they couldn\'t care less.they wouldn\'t be able to get away with this if I had paid by credit card, never again!
I drive 40 miles round trip to ship from a approved ship site.Another week goes by calling them,at this point I think they will ship my coins out over night.No they can\'t do that.have to wait to come cross country again. wait another week!!!
Would I use them again,NO WAY!!!!!! totally unprofessional, after all this I ask to talk to the one in charge, they said impossible. Offered me a $20 dollar coupon good toward next purchase.Like I\'m going thru this again,NO WAY!!!!
Do yourself a favor and go to a more reputable dealer.Their just not worth it!
P.S. couldn\'t make out dates on many of the coins.very poor quality even for junk silver.
D.R.- Maine

Horrible customer service

Jun 07, 2014 by Mike Febbie

I\'ve placed 4 small orders about $110.00 each with JM Bullion in the last month.
The first three were delivered on or before their projected delivery date, the third however was to be delivered on May 30th and the tracking said it was, however I was at home all that day and retrieved my mail immediately upon delivery. No package was delivered. I immediately tried to call their customer service department I spent 40 minutes on hold waiting for a rep to speak to. When he finally came on and I explained to him what had happened and asked him how to proceed he told me to try and locate the package (why didn\'t I think of that) I asked him how I should do that he said I should go up and down my street to see if my neighbors had received the package ( I already had checked with my closest neighbors) I asked how many houses I should go to, 20, 50, 200 his response was whatever I thought best. He then said JM would do everything they could to see that I got my metal, when I asked him what that would include
He couldn\'t answer me and again said I should go door to door. I\'ve since opened a complaint with the post office consumer affairs dept and have filed a
Theft of mail with the postal inspector. Next step is to dispute my cc charge.
I\' a relatively new metal investor but my plan is to buy 10 to 20 ounces of silver per month for the next 5 years till I retire. Although I\'ll pay a few cents more over spot and 4 or 5 dollars in shipping I will be buying from other sources with hopefully more considerate customer service departments.

Another Succesful Order

May 26, 2014 by Thom G

This has been my 7th order so far with JM. Each order is in my hands within 7 days. Lowest prices too. Why would I use anyone else.

Good outfit.

May 19, 2014 by John Tucker

Placed six orders to date and while delivery time varied I always received an excellent product that was as advertised. Selection and prices good. Delivery varied from three to nineteen days from payment. Hey, some places always weeks out. Read a couple of complaints and I am sure the complainers were the scammers on at least a couple of them.

blows the competition away

May 17, 2014 by justin

Having the option to send a check that gets you right next to the bank wire price is great. Unless your order is thousands of dollars you cannot get the bank wire price anywhere and it's by far the cheapest way to buy. At JM Bullion they have greet prices and the option to send a check and their check rates are damn near the same as bank wire rates. On top of that free shipping on all orders! My first ever order was through Gainsville coins and was really disappointed I had to pay so much over spot because I wasn't buying enough to bank wire my payment. They have no option to send a check to get a great close to bank wire price like JM. Not many retailers I've looked into have the option. They all charge a lot for shipping too. I don't see why I'll ever buy anywhere else.

May 16, 2014 by STG

Can't beat their price on most coins & they are always friendly when I call in to place my orders.

Shipping process

May 10, 2014 by Lewellyn

I recently ordered some sliver bars from the website and paid by credit card. So I was expecting to receive my items quick. Ordered on April 30 and was emailed a usps tracking number that my order shipped out on May 3. Received no update status for 5 days so I emailed support about it on May 8. They replied and apologized for the delay and that my package was waiting to be picked up by usps for shipment. Next day I check the status it says my package arrived in my mail box. I check the packing slip and it was stamped with verified contents on May 5 @10:05 am. So my package didn't really ship until May 5. I've ordered lots of stuff online and when when you receive a tracking number it usually means that your items were packed and picked up by the carrier. Printing a mailing label does not mean your package is shipped. JM needs to clarify this and fix it. I'm usually not this anal for free shipping but its personal investments I care a lot about. Can I trust JM bullion with a much larger order now. Hmm...

awful service

May 08, 2014 by ron cameron

I did not receive my order on the first try. I filled out the paperwork and finally received the bulk of my order. I am still short one silver eagle after 2 months of emails. I figure that is a pretty cheap lesson NOT to do business with these people.

Good service, quick delivery

May 07, 2014 by Aaron

I have placed several medium sized orders with JM over the past 6 months. Compared to my previous orders this one actually shipped much faster (about 3 days from cleared payment). My 4 10oz NTR bars came packaged very securely with tons of bubble wrap. Will keep using them for my PM purchases.

Still Waiting?

Apr 03, 2014 by Mike

My wife placed a semi large order, wired the money, and maybe it is our lack of understanding the shipping, but 4 days after the money was wired, still no word on shipping. We figured wired money means cash in hand. Anyway, as long as the order is here one week after the cash exchanged hands, we're good. Otherwise, we will be looking or another deal. We plan on buying many more times.

Apr 02, 2014 by Jake

Just placed my 7th order. Every time it's in my hands within 2 weeks from mailing using paper checks. Always a 5 day hold at the bank (once it gets there) on cashier's and personal checks alike. 2 OPM gold 1 oz looked perfect with Assay in tact. Kilo Kook had more scratches on the plastic face than I would have liked. Must have been second/third hand which I can understand.. Usually 4 days for shipping. overall very pleased!

Mar 14, 2014 by Richard Robens

I've bought a substantial amount of silver from this company. They package their items well and ship in a pretty timely fashion. It took a little longer on one of my orders. Still awaiting one but overall I'm pleased.

Will use JM Bullion again.

Mar 01, 2014 by Gene T

I had placed an order about a week ago using my debit card and I just received it. My silver coins shipped out within 2 days and was in my hands about 7 days after placing my initial order. From my experience dealing with JM, their customer service was very helpful and answered all of my questions. Would highly recommend!

first order; ehh. Second order excellent!

Feb 25, 2014 by JLB

I have placed two orders with JM Bullion over the past month. My first order took a little while to ship which apparently was held up because they where moving their order fulfillment center to a new and larger facility. I was ok with this once I received my order and all was well. My second order however was placed a few days ago and actually shipped much quicker than the first. Spoke with one of their customer service guys and they seemed polite and where pretty helpful. Will keep ordering from JMB, especially with their quicker shipping now.


Feb 22, 2014 by ronald harper

I have placed several orders with JM and received them no earlier than 10 days. My last and I do mean LAST order was placed on 31 January and not shipped until 19 February. When I finally got them to answer my e-mails at first I was told it was shipped, then it wasn't shipped, then it was the weather, then a problem with my address, the same address I had used on previous orders, then problems with their distribution center and it was finally shipped 19 days later. They did apologize and offered a whole $5 off my next order.No thanks.

Great communication from jm bullion

Feb 22, 2014 by Andrew J.

After placing a pretty big order with jm bullion about 3 weeks ago, I had yet to receive my order. I gave their customer service a call and they informed me that there was a delay with my shipment but that they would mark my order to a priority. I was pretty skeptical at this point but I received an email the next day that said my order had shipped. I received my coins about 4 days after that. All said and done, I think I would use them again as I haven't found better prices elsewhere and they said they are currently improving their shipping process to provide faster shipments in the future which is what caused my delay. I'm excited to see how jm bullion performs on my next order with faster and free shipping.
ps. I only gave them a 3 star rating because of the slow shipment which kind of annoyed me because I was never notified of this.

shipping not reliable

Feb 19, 2014 by skn

My funds cleared on 5th Feb but the shipment is done after 2 weeks and yet to receive. Though you save money due to free ship it is not worth the late I believe

Good service, could have shipped faster

Feb 17, 2014 by Albert D.

I placed a fairly large order with this dealer about 2 weeks ago. I payed by paper check which I guess does take a little longer to process. Once my payment cleared into their bank account it took about 8 days to ship which was a little slow. They did keep me informed though on the status of my order throughout the process and I guess they are moving their order fulfillment center to a bigger location which is why they said my order took a little bit longer to ship. I did the math and I saved about $40 by using them. I would prefer to wait a little bit longer and get the lowest prices so not a big deal to me. Overall I would rate their service at 4 stars. Hopefully in the future it will go a little quicker with their larger facility. Will definitely use JM again though. And also my products where in great condition and packed very well. 4 stars, would highly recommend.

Great product, great service

Feb 14, 2014 by Kent

I have been ordering my silver from this seller for the past year or so. Just thought id throw my two cents in. Though i've had a few orders that exceeded their estimated delivery time, most have come on time and the products are always in top notch condition. Always enjoy talking to these guys over the phone and will keep stacking with them.

Ok, shipping could have been better

Feb 02, 2014 by Ron

Purchased just over $100 on 1/21/14. Payment went through in 48 hours. Shipment arrived 2/1/14. Arrives in ok packaging but in my opinion took way to long to ship and tracking from the site failed. Even using USPS number could not track. Was very happy it arrived. Worried at first but now it is here I am happy with quality. The 1/10th ounce walking liberty silver rounds aren't as nice as the ounce. They also have small word on back saying copy. Assume that because copy of US mint version. Because of tracking and shipping time I am going to try another seller next month.

Jan 18, 2014 by Joeseph Seinfeld

I have been using online dealers to purchase my Silver for some time now and have found JM to be one of the best. In the past I have used APMEX but was seeking a new destination as their prices seemed to be getting a little high. I found JM Bullion around a year ago and have been using them since. Haven't had any issues yet. I usually pay by check as I get a little bit of a lower price. 5 stars+++


Jan 17, 2014 by James Richardson

Did a purchase with JM and had success with the first one. Was going to do a second one with a different credit card. JM said the address was incorrect and wouldn't listen to anything I was trying to tell them. The rep was curt, unfriendly, and just wanted me off the phone. I called the credit card company to see what was wrong. JM had entered the wrong "STATE"....They have their arrogance and another company has a new customer.

Jan 02, 2014 by Robert CI've

No problems!Completed 4 orders to date and everything is as advertised.

Best prices i've found

Dec 23, 2013 by Stephanie Q.

I did some price comparing for a few online dealers, mainly provident, APMEX and JM Bullion. I found jm bullion to have the lowest prices for eagles so i decided to purchase a roll of 20 coins. Received my order within a week and a half. Very satisfied and will plan on buying again if the price stays down.

JM Bullion is an excellent company

Dec 10, 2013 by Charles Lienert

I previously submitted a negative review for JM Bullion, but I was completely wrong. The shipment did arrive via UPS and I had to sign for it. Purchase price was lower than any other company selling gold. I will positively use JM Bullion again to purchase gold.

Great prices, great service!

Nov 17, 2013 by Larry M.

I have been doing business with jm bullion for over a year now and have never had any major issues. Their customer service was always very helpful to me every time I called and you can't beat their prices. I have probably saved thousands by using them over APMEX!

Excellent Communication

Nov 02, 2013 by Steve

I had placed an order for two 10 ounce silver bars with jm bullion over the internet. All was well with my order and bars were in great condition, they even emailed me keeping me up to date with what was going on with my order from when my funds had cleared to when my order had shipped. Very pleased with my experience using this company and will definitely do business with them again.

Excellent Experience!!

Oct 14, 2013 by Nick

I had purchased a roll of Silver eagles from JM Bullion on October 1st using a debit card. My order was paid instantly and I received my metals within 5 days of placing the order. All was well with my coins. Will definitely do business with this company again.

4.3 5.0 60 60 This is a great company. I have not had one issue with their service in over 30 or so orders I have made since March of 2014. I have been buying a little gold and silver about twic JM Bullion Reviews