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Best Place To Buy Silver & Gold Bullion Online

Before buying precious metals online you are probably wondering where the best place to do so is and moreover, where you can get the best prices for bullion. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite four bullion dealers to use when buying gold and silver online. When choosing dealers for our list we took into consideration each company’s shipping rates and product pricing as well as their reputation and complaint history. To see what other options you have when buying precious metals online you can also use our gold dealer reviews page for comprehensive insights into all the most popular dealers.

Top Three Gold and Silver Dealers


Up first on our list of the best places to buy silver & gold bullion online is They received our #1 pick because of their reliable customer service, low prices and vast selection of bullion & coin products. They have a user friendly website which uses a 100% secure checkout process that is run through They have up to the minute spot prices listed on their website and also offer a low price guarantee with prices to match, and in most cases beat other dealers. With their best price guarantee and low shipping rates, they are currently one of the cheapest places to buy gold and silver.


  • Website:
  • Location: Columbus, OH
  • Business Established: March 2012
  • BBB Rating: A+
  • Metals Offered: Silver, Gold, Platinum

Shipping & Customer Service

Currently SD Bullion charges a flat rate shipping charge of $7.77 for all orders which is better than most online dealers at the moment. This is a current promotion that is expected to last for a limited time only. SD Bullion’s customer service staff is available from 9am to 7pm most days of the week which is slightly longer than most other precious metal companies. This dealer also does not have a minimum order size which is convenient for smaller buyers, while their low bulk pricing makes them great for larger buyers as well.

Dealer Pricing and Product Selection

Since SD Bullion offers a low price guarantee and provides transparent pricing, they always have competitive premiums over the current spot price for all of their precious metal products. Many of their silver and gold coins carry very small markups which are usually between 1%-2% over the current spot price. Their precious metal selection includes products like the silver eagle, gold eagle, gold & silver maple leafs, OPM & NTR bullion bars and rounds, Silver Bullet Silver Shield products and much more.

SD Bullion Dealer Reputation

SD Bullion appears to be a legitimate and reputable dealer based on our research and the company has a BBB profile with a rating of A+. They are also fully accredited and have never had a single complaint with the BBB which helps further indicate their legitimacy. If you search online you will be hard pressed to find any complaints or negative reviews from their customers which is another good sign. SD Bullion appears to be doing some great things in the industry which is why we feel they deserve the number one spot.

sdbullionreviewbuttonnew SD Bullion Inventory


Up second on our list is Founded in 2011, JM Bullion has quickly risen to become one of the most popular places to buy gold and silver bullion online. They received our #2 pick because of their low prices, massive selection of precious metal products and the free shipping discount they offer which applies to all orders ($100 minimum). Their website is very user-friendly and among one of the easiest to navigate through. Their unique website layout makes it simple for investors to find the exact brands or products they wish to purchase quickly and easily. jmlogo

  • Website:
  • Location : Dallas, TX
  • Business Established : September 2011
  • BBB Accredited : Yes
  • BBB Rating : Being Updated
  • Metals Offered : Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper

Customer Service

JM Bullion appears to have a professional customer service staff who operate over the phone or through email and they also have a live chat feature. One positive fact that we’ve found about this company is that their customer service representatives don’t work off of commission which enables them to assist customers in a low pressure environment.

Dealer Pricing and Bullion Selection

This company appears to currently have some of the lowest prices over spot for gold and silver bullion online. They offer some of the best bulk discounts in the industry when buying large volumes of precious metals which is great when you add in the free shipping. Their pricing tiers for lower quantities of bullion is also very competitive which is great for investors who are only looking to purchase a few hundred dollars worth of metal at a time.

Currently, JM Bullion uses a secure checkout platform through They accept PayPal, checks, bank wires, e-checks and credit/debit cards for all precious metal purchases. We believe that these options combined with their low-prices makes them one of the best places to buy precious metals online. Also worth mentioning is that they run some great deals on bullion products every Monday which can be a good way to acquire gold and silver at very small markups.

JM Bullion Dealer Reputation

JM Bullion appears to be a reputable gold dealer based on the research we’ve done, and we believe that they are running a 100% legitimate operation. If you’d like to learn some more about JM Bullion along with the payment options they accept, special programs they offer or to read customer reviews then be sure to check our JM Bullion reviews page or click the button below.

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#3 ( (aka Buy Gold and Silver Coins) got our #3 pick because of their low shipping rates and their low product pricing. BGASC provides a large offering of gold and silver bullion products and coins made by all of the most popular domestic and foreign mints. They have no order minimum which is great for smaller purchases and offer discount pricing for larger bulk orders. Their shipping rates are very reasonable and seem to be lower than most other dealers with free shipping for orders over $250 and $5.95 for all order of lesser value. BGASC Logo

  • Website:
  • Location: Calabasas, CA
  • Business Established: July 2012
  • BBB Accredited: No
  • BBB Rating: N/A
  • Metals Offered: Gold, Silver, Pre-1933 Gold, Pre-1965 US Silver

Unique Features and Dealer Website

If you have an account on their website, or even if you sign up with your email address to get sales notifications, BGASC will email you with any deals or promotions they are running which can be good if you are looking for low cost bullion. Their website: is laid out very neatly and enables you to find the bullion products or coins you are looking for quickly and easily. Unlike other dealers, they also sell bullion and coin supplies which can be convenient for storage and protecting your purchase.

Dealer Reputation

Though BGASC has only been in business since mid-2012, they appear to be a legitimate, low-cost dealer. They are not accredited with the BBB currently, however they have not had any complaints filed against them on their BBB profile. The company also sells precious metals on eBay and to date have had over 5,000 completed sales with no negative feedback. Through our research we believe that is a reputable company and they appear to have a good track record. If you’d like to learn more about this company before buying be sure to take a look at our reviews page or just click the button below. Inventory BGASC Review


(#1 in Canada)

Silver Gold Bull got our #4 spot because of their large selection of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion products combined with their international shipping options. They also allow customers to pay for their order with probably the widest selection of payment options of any online dealer which can be convenient to some. This dealer advertises a low price guarantee as well, so if you do manage to find lower prices elsewhere but want to buy from silvergoldbull you can still get the lowest price without sacrificing the professional service that SGB provides.

  • Website:
  • Location: CALGARY, AB T2H 3A3
  • Business Established: July 2006
  • BBB Accredited: Yes
  • BBB Rating: A+
  • Metals Offered: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium

Shipping Rates and Policies has very reasonable shipping rates and they also offer free shipping on orders over $4,999.99. They ship to a number of countries in Europe, Asia and North America and use discreet and secure packaging.

Dealer Website Review

Their team of customer service representatives appear to be pretty knowledgeable and provide a professional service. Through our research, they appear to use legitimate and acceptable sales and advertising tactics. Their website; is fairly easy to navigate and if you choose to place an order with them their checkout process is fast and simple and they offer a wide variety of payment options.

Dealer Reputation

This company has been around for over 6 years now and have since become one of the largest Canadian dealers of gold and silver bullion to individual investors. They have not had a single complaint since they’ve been dealing in bullion, which is pretty good considering the industry and the amount of loyal customers they have. If you’d like to learn more about this dealer, take a look at our reviews page or just click the button below.

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