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The psychological allure of investing in precious metals often goes far beyond the advertised spot price that is listed in the daily financial papers. Indeed, this emotional response is rooted in thousands of years of human history where the tangible weight and stability of gold or silver metals drove concepts of wealth and financial independence. In the modern age, those

No one needs to be told that if they profit on a transaction, the Internal Revenue Service will be around shortly after to determine their share of the proceeds. For those wondering whether they need to file taxes on their precious metal purchases, the short answer is probably yes. That being said however, nothing in this article should be considered

When pursuing any investment opportunity, it is always wise to parse through all the associated costs beyond the purchase price. For instance, when buying property, investors must always consider the additional costs and ongoing expenses like property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and inspection fees all add to the asking price the seller is trying to collect. For investors looking at funding

For investors looking to expand their portfolios with the inclusion of precious metal assets in their preexisting IRA, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out just how easy the procedure is to accomplish. In a process known as an IRA “rollover,” you will set up an account with a self-directed IRA custodian who is fully versed in all aspects

Typically attributed to Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin, in a 1789 letter he once famously noted that, “Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” investors looking at establishing a precious metals IRA account can control the amount of inevitable taxes they have to pay prior to that inevitable shedding of their mortal coil. Indeed, the advantages of

In the academic world, grading can have a bolstering or degrading affect on one’s sense of self-value, and the role of “grading” plays a similarly strong role in determining the value of your rare, numismatic collection pieces. That is because the role grading plays in determining the value of your coins is paramount to determining an exact accounting of that

When it comes to assessing a coin’s market value, a great number of factors become folded into the process. From an accurate understanding of the coin’s popularity, which has an impact on its market value, to a diligent grading system designed to accurately assess a coin’s condition as a condition of sale, investors have a number of tools in their

People buy and collect gold, silver, and other precious metals for a combination of reasons, and one of the biggest of those is for security in uncertain financial times. Indeed, the solidity of the metal and the confidence its possession gives the owner has provided a visceral response throughout history. Kings and queens hid their booty behind the walls of

Prior to making your precious metal purchase, you conduct due diligence regarding the price you would expect to pay, the value of the mint you are working with, and the estimated appreciation value of the coin series or bullion collection you are buying. Less thought is given however to how you will care for those precious metals once they have

Nothing feels quite as good as buying precious metal in your underwear, and thanks to the advent of the internet that is a reality for those needing that particular shopping experience. Whereas, once upon a time, the hunt for the perfect numismatic trophy required putting on pants and venturing from the homestead in search of a local coin shop or

Following the successful conclusion of the Revolution, the new, young American Republic found developing a sound coinage system difficult with the economic conditions fostered under the Articles of Confederation. Un-tethered from the British Pound, the new country relied on the wide availability of Spanish coinage to supplement their needs while new mints were quickly constructed to meet the growing needs

One of the worst feelings one can get is the instantaneous knowledge that they have made a mistake. That is particularly true when you lose money based on that mistake. It is for that reason that seasoned investors do their due diligence and homework to make sure of their position before making a commitment. For neophytes to the precious metals

It’s been frequently said that something, or another, is “worth its weight in gold,” but despite the vibrant literary vision, the phrase does little to inform interested parties about how gold and silver is priced on the open market. If you are looking at investing in precious metals, you need to have an accurate understanding of the forces driving your

One of the nice things about owning gold and silver is the universal acceptance of the metals for trade and investment purposes. That means that when you need to cash in your collection of gold and silver in a hurry, you will have a number of available options where you can liquidate your collection of coins, bars, ingots, rounds, jewelry,

Another way to gain access to the gold and silver market without buying physical stocks of either precious metal involves purchasing from an established gold and silver exchange. An Exchange Traded Fund specializes in allowing precious metal investors to participate in the global gold and silver markets without the burdens associated with taking physical possession of the bullion. Each share

Placing an order for fine silver is an excellent way for investors to boost their portfolio because the designation “fine silver” does not simply denote a marketing ploy, but is rather an indication that the silver meets basic characteristics that are established by the London Bullion Association regarding weight and purity of the metal. While fine silver might come in

Dating back to the ending days of the Grant Administration, the New York Mercantile Exchange was born of humble origins when several Manhattan dairy farmers combined resources to create the Butter and Cheese Exchange of New York. Eggs, poultry, canned goods, and dried fruit soon joined the list of tradable commodities over that next decade, and the NYMEX continued to

When it comes to talking about the investment potential of physical metals, gold and silver have long crowded the top of any discussion agenda. Indeed, that is for good reason considering the century’s old fascination with the two metals as an investment vehicle since the dawn of humanity. That being said however, there is a host of other physical metals

The 1933 formation of the Commodity Exchange (the COMEX) brought together the National Metal Exchange, the Rubber Exchange of New York, the National Raw Silk Exchange, and the New York Hide Exchange under a single trading roof. The COMEX has since gained prominence as the primary clearing house for trading gold, silver, and copper futures. Contracts come in standardizes sizes

Precious metals investors looking to buy gold and silver have several options available to them depending on their investment strategies, available capital, and the ability and willingness to store the gold and silver bullion securely. In addition to these baseline considerations, investors motivated by a speculative nature have investment vehicles that lets them bet big on the commodities market, using

When it comes to understanding the concept behind paper metal investments, for accuracy it is better to conjure up images of the swaggering Wall Street type than that of the swashbuckling pirate in your mind. That is because when you are dealing with paper metal investments, you are dealing with advanced financial instruments rather than a treasure chest of gold

Bullion has long been a popular form of investing, and that fact that has been true for longer than the concept of exchanges and commodity brokers were ever developed. Indeed, bullion has long been hoarded, cherished, and brokered not only for its intrinsic value as a recognized from of currency, but also greatly valued for the ascetic value that finely

While anyone with even a passing knowledge of the precious metal trade will readily be able to identify gold and silver as the benchmarks when it comes to understanding what is available on the open market, far less is known of two other rare metals that regularly appear on the commodities exchange: platinum and palladium. In addition to use as

As the old Rolling Stones song noted, “You Can’t Always get What you Want,” and that is a good starting point for understanding the basics of what is a “Bid Price Ask Price.” At its most basic, the term refers to a two-part price quotation system, which represents the best price under which investors can expect to buy (bid) or

What is Fine Gold? Before placing an order for fine gold either through an online bullion dealer or through a local gold and silver retailer in your neighborhood, you need to know what you are buying and that means understanding exactly what is meant when you hear the term “fine gold.” As anyone familiar with the gold smelting process will

When it comes to collecting precious metals, investors have two ways to view the value of their bullion investment, and the distinction can be found in whether or not that bullion comes from a private or governmental source. Each holds distinct advantages, and potential disadvantages for the seasoned and novice collector alike. If you are just entering bullion buying game,

Getting into the gold and silver market is as easy as walking down to your local coin shop, and for many investors in precious metals that is their exact and preferred course of action. While it is fairly obvious that the internet isn’t just a passing fad, some investors prefer to conduct their bullion transactions face to face with a

For the same reason that pirates once dug a hole in the sand and marked the spot on the map with an X, modern day investors in precious metals and bullion look for places to stash their horde. Simply stated, it’s hard to safely store the physical bulk that a substantial precious metal investment represents, so most look to the

As a nation, we enjoy our conspiracies. From the Federalist belief that Thomas Jefferson achieved his historic 1800 electoral victory owing to the efforts of the Illuminati to further the third president’s apocalyptic pro-French policies, to the abolitionist’s suspicion that President Zachary Taylor’s sudden 1850 death was at the hands of pro-slavers, various conspiracies have fueled the public imagination. One

Investing in gold bullion may well prove a savvy investment move, but the decision comes with some logistical hurdles that you will have to navigate before you can feel secure in your investment. Specifically, how do you plan on storing and securing your new gold stores short of digging a hole in your backyard and marking the spot with the

For novices to the bullion investing community, it may well appear as if their new circle of acquaintances are speaking a foreign language. Like all specialized fields however, numismatology, the study of coins and money, requires a certain command of the nomenclature in order to thrive and survive. Those considering an active plunge into the bullion market have probably already

In terms of demand and popularity, the gold standard for coin collectors is the American Silver Eagles, which the United States Mint first struck in 1986. These beautifully designed coins show the fine workmanship and artisan-ship of the nation’s leading designers to full effect. As such, it makes perfect sense why these coins would fetch a premium on the market.

There are many things you may want to know before jumping into a physical gold or silver investment, especially if you decide to purchase your precious metals online. Knowing some of the basic facts we will discus on this page before you buy can help you to better understand how the market works in the online retail setting. Below you will

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