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CompareBullionSites.com’s team consists of two full time writers with years of experience in the precious metals industry. We are determined to help investors find online gold and silver bullion dealers which are reputable and offer low prices. With so many dealers springing up online over the past few years, it can be hard to narrow down your options and find the best places to buy gold and silver bars, coins and rounds online.

Whether it’s the first time you will be buying your metals from an online dealer or even if you have done so in the past and just want to explore what other options you have, our site can be a good place to start. You can start by reading our bullion dealer reviews located below or compare gold and silver prices and search for the best deals under our discounts page.


Online Gold & Silver Bullion Dealers Reviewed

Updated September 03, 2015

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sd-homeSD Bullion Reviews & ComplaintsBuy Gold & Silver Now!SD Bullion – SD Bullion is an online precious metals dealer focusing on gold, silver and platinum bullion sales. They offer bullion bars, rounds and coins as well as ammo and survival gear. Established in 2012, SD Bullion has become widely known for their exceptional service and low price guarantee.
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JM Bullion Reviews & ComplaintsBuy Gold & Silver Now!
JM Bullion – JM Bullion is an online dealer of precious metals which is located in Dallas, TX. They offer gold, silver & platinum bullion in the form of rounds, bars & coins. Established in 2011, JM Bullion has become one of the largest, lowest priced dealers online and stocks a wide selection of bullion.

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BGASC.comBGASC ReviewsBuy Gold & Silver Now!BGASC – BGASC.com, which is short for “Buy Gold and Silver Coins,” is a dealer that specializes in low-cost gold and silver bullion and precious metal coins. Located in Calabasas, CA, BGASC offers free shipping over $250 and competitive prices on all of the products they sell.

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Gainesville Coins Reviews

Gainesville Coins – Gainesville Coins, located in Lutz, FL is an online dealer of precious metals bullion, graded coins, paper money and collectible medallions. Though they do carry a fair amount of bullion, their specialty is certainly certified coins and collectibles. First established in 2000 they are one of the oldest online coin dealers and have become a trusted source for coin collectors and investors in the United States.

ModernCoinMart.com Reviews & Complaints

Modern Coin Mart – Modern Coin Mart sells precious metals online through their website ModernCoinMart.com. They also run a storefront on eBay where they offer gold, silver and platinum bullion. Their precious metals offering includes bars, coins and rounds.

Finding A Reliable Low-Priced Silver Dealer

From personal experience, we have found that the best way to find a solid, reliable bullion dealer was to simply compare each and every company to see who provided services that met all of our needs. After spending tons of time on review sites and searching for deals, we thought it would be a good idea to just start a website that organized this information and put it all into one place. We then started writing our own personal and extremely in-depth reviews of these bullion dealers, rating each one on certain criteria and posting deals being offered by the most popular gold and silver bullion companies.

Now, on CompareBullionSites.com you can compare every major online bullion dealer all on one page to see what differentiates each company from one another. On our gold bullion dealer reviews page you can see how we rated each dealer based on: product pricing and selection, customer complaints, Better Business Bureau accreditation and ratings and much more. After looking over our reviews, you can also read the most recent customer reviews to see what others had to say about their experience. In this way, you can rest easy knowing the dealer you choose for your next online bullion purchase is reputable before placing an order with them.

Gold & Silver Bullion Dealers

Gold and Silver Bullion Brands & Minting Companies

When investing in precious metals like gold, silver or platinum, many investors prefer to only purchase certain brands. While there are brands which have obvious advantages such as those that offer unique security features or low prices on their products, some brands are preferred for various other reasons like the company’s reputation, their time in business, the quality of their products or even the design on their products. Listed below are a few of the most popular minting companies who currently produce or have produced gold and silver bullion.

PAMP Suisse

1 oz PAMP Suisse gold bar PAMP Suisse Gold Bars are known best by investors for their quality and design. PAMP has been in business since the early 1970’s and has become one of the worlds leading producers of platinum, gold, and silver bullion bars. PAMP is regarded by many as one of the best bullion brands in the industry and consequently, they currently have a foothold in the sale of gold and silver bars weighing 100 grams or less.

Though they have a large product offering with many unique designs, PAMP Suisse is most famous for their Fortuna design (the roman goddess of fortune). This design appears on most of their smaller bars. All of their bars, both gold and silver, contain a smooth new finish and often come in sealed assay cards stating each bars unique serial number as well as its weight and purity.

PAMP Suisse make bars ranging in size from 1 gram all the way up to 12.5 Kilograms. They even provide many government mints throughout the world with blanks for bullion coins. Unlike gold and silver bullion minted by other brands, all of PAMP Susse’s bars (except for platinum and palladium) are .9999 pure which is slightly higher than the competition. Their global recognition their products highly sought after by investors and, therefore, highly liquid.
PAMP Suisse Gold bar reviews

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse Gold BarsThough primarily a major financial institution, Credit Suisse is another precious metals minting company based in Switzerland. Over the past several decades, Credit and PAMP Suisse have helped create an excellent reputation for what is now known as “Swiss Gold.” Today Swiss Gold is regarded by many precious metal investors as one of the best types of bullion to buy.

Though the Credit Suisse brand makes bars which range in size from 1 gram up to 10 troy ounces, they are probably most well known by the private investor for their 1 oz .9999 gold bullion bars. Credit Suisse bars are recognized throughout the world by their white assay cards which contain the Credit Suisse logo. Investors enjoy owning these bars knowing they have come from a reputable source, not to mention they are often priced lower than PAMP Suisse Gold Bars.
Buy Credit Suisse Gold Bars

US Mint

US MintThe United States Mint was created by congress in 1792 and has several different locations throughout the United States. The US Mint has branches located in Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco and West Point, NY. They also have a bullion depository in Fort Knox, KY.

Since the US Mint started its bullion program in 1986, their bullion coin series have become some of the most popular in the world. Today they are most famous for the American Eagle coins which are produced in both gold and silver. The newest addition to the US Mints gold coin selection; the American Gold Buffalo, was also a big success since it first became available in 2006. The American Gold Buffalo was the first .9999, 24k gold bullion coin that the US Mint has ever produced.

The mint also offers several other popular coins like the America the Beautiful series and the Baseball Hall of Fame series. The ATB coins contain 5 troy ounces of .999 pure silver and are released with different designs four times per year while the Baseball Hall of Fame coins are minted using .900 pure silver and weigh 26.73 grams.
US Mint Gold & Silver Coins Review

Perth Mint

perth1ozgoldThe Perth Mint is Australia’s oldest operating mint, and the primary minting facility for the country’s bullion coin programs. They first opened in 1899 and were originally operating as a branch of the Royal Mint of London to produce Gold Sovereigns for the British. The Perth Mint remained under the control of Britain until 1970 when it became property of the Government of Western Australia.

Today the Perth Mint is one of the worlds top producers of gold and silver bullion bars and coins. They are most famous for minting the Australian Gold Kangaroo, Australian Silver Koala, Australian Silver Kookaburra and Australian Lunar Series coins. Aside from coins, they also have a large offering of gold bars which are minted in sizes from 1 gram to 10 troy ounces.

Perth Mint gold bars range in size from 1 grams up to 10 troy ounces and consist of .9999 fine gold (99.99% pure gold). All of the Perth Mint’s bullion bars come in a green sealed assay card stating the bars unique serial number, weight and its metal type and purity. Perth Mint gold & silver bars and coins are recognized by investors as well as collectors throughout the world for their quality and the beautiful designs their products contain.

Royal Canadian Mint

Silver Canadian Maple LeafThe Royal Canadian Mint started out as the Ottawa Mint in 1908; another branch of the Royal Mint of London. The Ottawa Mint was producing Sovereigns for the British up until 1931 when it became independent from the Royal Mint and was renamed the Royal Canadian Mint.

Today the Royal Canadian Mint or RCM as it is often referred to as, is one of the worlds leading gold, silver and platinum bullion producers. The RCM is known to make some of the most beautiful, yet simple, bullion coins and bars in the world. They are probably most well known today for their 1 troy ounce gold bars, Canadian Gold and Silver Maple Leaf coins and their 100 troy ounce silver bullion bars. They are also held in high-regards for the advanced minting technology used to produce these products. A good majority of their bullion features an image of the Maple Leaf which is one of Canada’s most recognized national symbols.

Most Royal Canadian Mint bullion bars and coins are produced in .9999 purity which, for silver bullion, is slightly higher than their competitors. This makes their bullion highly desirable by physical silver and gold investors. The RCM’s bullion ranges in size from 1/10 ounce all the way up to 100 troy ounces, providing investors with a wide variety of sizes to choose from. Their bars are often priced competitively to privately minted bullion of the same size, yet it is backed by the Canadian Government.
Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) products reviews

NTR Metals

NTR Silver Bar

The Northern Texas Refinery, or NTR Metals for short, is one of the top producers of precious metal bullion in the United States. Along with producing bullion, NTR also offers a wide range of refining, recycling and minting services to both the public and corporate entities. Investors enjoy owning NTR Metals gold and silver bullion because they know that it was produced and backed by NTR.

NTR Metals takes pride in offering gold and silver bars and rounds of the highest quality at some of the industry’s lowest premiums. They are probably most famous for their regular NTR 10 oz silver bars and 10 oz Lunar series which features a new design each year in accordance with the Chinese Lunar calendar. They also mint 100 troy ounce NTR silver bars which provide investors with bullion at extremely low premiums over spot price.

NTR Silver bars review

Where To Start When Choosing a Bullion Dealer

American Silver Eagles

Investing in physical gold and silver bullion is considered by many to be a good way of diversifying one’s paper assets and preserving wealth. Today when investors decide to purchase gold and silver bullion, a lot of them choose to purchase their precious metals online. By using this method it is often cheaper than buying it locally and in most cases there’s even no sales tax.

Before you decide to place an order with an online dealer, however, it’s important to do research. For example, it can be beneficial to know if the company is BBB accredited, honest and above all reputable. We think a good place to start is to read customer reviews online on sites like ours and others to see what their current customers are saying. By doing so, more often than not, you will be able to single out a reliable dealer to purchase from.

It can also be beneficial to know what brands of bullion bars, coins and rounds the dealer offers compared to others in the precious metal industry. Other important factors include their pricing and shipping rates. You can find all of this information on our gold and silver dealers tab or by viewing each company’s website.

Compare Silver Coin & Bar Prices

Silver Bullion Types and Sizes

Physical silver bullion is offered in many different forms which can often be confusing to new investors. The most popular types of bullion includes bars, coins and rounds. On top of these three main types, there are also many different sizes and variations of each. There are no real perks to buying one form over the other, so it really just comes down to personal preferences and investment goals. Below we will explain in detail the difference between all three options.

Buying Silver Bars

Silver bars are probably the most well known form of bullion to investors interested in buying purely for the bullion’s silver content. Physical silver bullion bars offer investors the option of taking direct ownership of metal in a compact size which can be easily stored at home. Silver bars are easy to stack up on top of each other and you will find that they fit in most home safes, desk drawers and other spaces making them convenient to the average investor.

Silver Bar Purities and Pricing

Silver bullion bars are most commonly minted in .999 or 99.9% fine silver while some brands mint silver bars in purities of as high as .9999 or more. Silver bars tend to have lower premiums over spot price compared to other forms of silver bullion such as coins. This means you will usually get the most more pure silver for your money when choosing this option. Silver bars are most commonly available in weights of 1 troy ounce, 5 troy ounce, 10 troy ounce, and 100 troy ounce varieties with a number of cool designs.
Compare silver bar prices

Buying Silver Coins

Silver Coins Silver coins are another popular form of bullion which are mostly produced in 1 ounce sizes while they can also be found in other weights such as fractional or multiples of 1 oz. Coins are minted by government run mints throughout the world and their purity and weight are both fully backed by the nation’s government who minted them.

Most coins are produced on a yearly basis and are stamped with the year in which they were minted. This information will be included on either the obverse or reverse of the coin. Silver coins range from .999 to .9999 in silver purity and are very desirable among collectors as well as investors, making them highly liquid.

Silver Coin Face Value

Each minted silver coin carries a monetary value in the country it was prodcued. For example one of the most popular silver coins in the world, the American Silver Eagle contains 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver and is also worth $1.00 USD in the United States (Though the coin is worth much more than its face value in silver content). Coins are highly sought after by investors as well as collectors and are also available in graded form.

Silver Coin Pricing vs. Other Forms of Bullion

Compared to other forms of bullion such as rounds and bars, coins usually sell for higher premiums over spot price which is associated with their production costs and the coin’s collectability. Silver bullion coin prices vary based upon a specific coins supply and demand at any time. Coins contain elaborate designs and are produced with a shiny, mirror like finish in most cases. Physical silver bullion coins, rounds and bars usually come in tubes of 20 or 25 which makes them fairly easy to store in a home safe.
Silver Coin Prices

Buying Silver Rounds

Silver Buffalo Rounds
Silver rounds are an alternative to bars which also carry low premiums over spot price. Rounds get their name because they are circular or “round” in shape and similar in appearance to coins. The difference between coins and rounds is that rounds are only produced by private mints and refineries as opposed to a government mint. Rounds can contain a range of unique designs including anything from old US Coins to the mint’s logo. You can generally find them for sale online for around $1 to $5 per ounce over the current spot price of silver.

Silver Round Sizes and Purities

Silver rounds are usually produced in sizes ranging from 1/10 troy ounce up to 5 troy ounces with many sizes in between. Silver rounds are usually produced in fractions or multiples of 1 troy ounce. When buying silver rounds in larger quantities they come in sealed tubes of 20 per making them easy to store in a home safe. Most silver rounds available on the market are composed of .999 silver purity though it is possible to see them in .9999 purity.

Silver Rounds Prices